Another major construction project could be coming to downtown El Paso.

The Texas Department of Transportation met with several significant stakeholders Thursday to introduce a possible multimillion-dollar project that could reconstruct parts of downtown.

TX-DOT hopes to get these power brokers on board before presenting this project to the public.

It includes adding more lanes to I-10 near UTEP, removing several west-side ramps and reconstructing the downtown traffic between Santa Fe and Campbell.

“If you think about the Downtown area where we don’t have frontage roads, every time we have an accident in the downtown area, we have no places to put that traffic,” said Bob Bielek, TX-DOT district engineer.

TX-DOT introduced three possible reconstruction plans for the area between Santa Fe and Campbell. But they are hoping to receive feedback from the stakeholders before finalizing a plan to introduce to the legislature and the public.

“It’s an important conversation for HACEP because we are now downtown,” said Javier Camacho, spokesperson for the El Paso Housing Authority.

Several developers also attended the meeting, including Justin Chapman, president of Hunt Communities.

“It requires a large public investment in order to build this park that might be above the interstate and we think being a part of that conversation is important,” said Chapman.

Overall, many who attended say they like the idea of reconstructing downtown traffic but have yet to agree on a final plan.

“We know that the outcome in Dallas where they did something like this was a real boon to the economy,” said Chapman.

After TX-DOT introduces the new project to the public and finalizes a plan, Bielek said it could cost between $800 million and $1 billion.

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