El Paso, TX – In a tucked away corner of the El Paso International Airport, the Windows of El Paso Gallery opened a new art exhibit Thursday morning. The exhibit features local artists from both El Paso and Las Cruces.

The gallery is in the La Placita area of the airport, it’s on the left before you go through security. Artist Asa Aguilar is a graduate from UTEP andher work is featured in the new exhibit.

She says that her style of art is focused on community and relationships with people. Many of her pieces include decorative ceramics.

One of Asa Aguilar’s works on display

"My art is mainly based on connections between people and relationships that people have with each other," says Aguilar.

Virginia Maria Romero, an artist who now lives in Las Cruces, expresses her passion and love for animals in her artwork. Her collection features the endangered Mexican Gray Wolf and the more common Coyote.

Romero’s paintings

"For me it represents what I stand for is just trying to use my artwork to educate people about… for example, the plight of coyotes. There’s a lot of coyote killing contests that I don’t agree with," says Romero.

She hopes that her artwork inspires conservation for the species. This is the third exhibit at the Windows of El Paso Gallery and they will be looking for new local artwork to feature by the end of the summer.

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