El Paso Real Estate: The Growing Desire To Lease A Home

EL PASO, TX — Leasing a home or apartment used to have a stigma attached, that suggested home ownership was out of reach.

But now, people are beginning to consider a lease for their next home instead a buying.

Those who opt for a lease may cite a nearby school district, or convenience to work as aq deciding factor, while others may consider the conveinence of maintenance for home repairs, lower utility costs, no property taxes and the flexibility and convenience of not having a yard to maintain.

The best place to find those homes for lease is in the Patch real estate guide compiled by our friends at realtor.com, which has every type of home from the small 3-bedroom starter home, to those enormous estates.

Whether you love to lease or you’re just doing it for a little while, Patch and realtor.com have the answers and the listings.

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