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El Paso Real Estate: The Growing Desire To Lease A Home

EL PASO, TX — Leasing a home or apartment used to have a stigma attached, that suggested home ownership was out of reach. But now, people are beginning to consider a lease for their next home instead a buying. Those who opt for a lease may cite a nearby school district, or convenience to work…

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Council reappoints building owner to Historic Landmark Commission

EL PASO, Texas – UPDATE: El Paco City Council reps voted to reappoint Don Luciano to the city’s Historic Landmark Commission. Rep. Alexsandra Annello was the only rep. to vote against the move. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Members of the historical preservation group Paso Del Sur are concerned about a former landlord of a building in the…

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How To Find The Best El Paso TX Real Estate

El Paso Flats for rental El Paso in Texas is definitely the fourth largest metropolis in the usa and one of the most bountiful with regards to seeking flats. El Paso metropolis delivers many apartment rentals with the very best of services and features clearly rendering it a popular selection for apartment hunters. There are…

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